7-Industries B.V. is a Dutch company, owned by 7 Main Ltd, the Single Family Office of Mrs. Ruthi Wertheimer

  • 7 Industries invests in leading mid-size industrial & life science companies, owned by entrepreneurs and family owners.
  • 7 Industries seeks long term minority partnerships, globally.
  • The family office of Mrs. Wertheimer was established following Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway purchase in 2006 of the IMC Group (https://www.imc-companies.com), the global leading precision metal cutting tools company, founded by Mrs. Wertheimer's parents.
  • Our partnership solution is tailored for families and entrepreneurs who wish to ensure their continued growth while maintaining their independent character and culture.
  • Over time, and with a clear focus, we have accumulated rich industrial insight, experience and network.
  • We bring with us first hand insight into family business practices and life-cycles for families & businesses.